Retail D’sign Factory

Shanghai, China

Project Details

RDF is a worldwide product design and development company located in Shanghai. Despite a major company rebrand, RDF’s copy still felt stilted and didn’t do a good job of telling the company’s story. My brief was to write fresh copy that reflected RDF’s new sleeker image.

After being given a tour of the premises and interviewing several key stakeholders, I went on to produce a 6-page document detailing the company’s story, including its history, services and products, all written in a crisp and engaging tone that added a much-needed splash of colour to RDF’s background.

The end result was a rich piece of long form content that clients found infinitely more engaging. As well as being used in print, the copy was also broken up and used by the PR and marketing departments for the company website, email, and various other marketing channels.

  • Client: Retail D’sign Factory
  • Tasks: B2B Copywriting